Piano Day?

Could this be the day my beloved piano once more graces Mark's Den?

It is not nearly as warm as forecasters predicted earlier in the week before revising temperatures downward. Yet, it is still expected to hit the mid 30s.

The initial plan was to move the piano on Tuesday. The now and bitter cold put a damper on that plan. Now today around noon or shortly after is to be the move.

Can't wait to tickle the ivories again.

Will this be historic for Iohn and I today?

Or will this be merely a baby step to that historic moment?

Will full equality arrive at Mark's Den?

In the coming hours we will have answers to the questions.

More Cold Before Warmth

Earlier in the week we thought we would see a warm-up on Friday. That is not to be as another small cold front moved in Wednesday. We have to wait now until Saturday for relief from the chill.

It is back for another doctor's appointment today. Routine follow-up at the pulmonologist. Change yesterday from doctor to the nurse practitioner. Expect all will be well and a routine chest x-ray which should be unremarkable.

Iohn is moving right along with his shift supervisor training. He should be moving into Phase 2 by the weekend. Expect he will be a MIT (manager-in-training) by the first of the year. Within a couple of months as the new year begins, Iohn should have a promotion and new title of manager.

The bug man paid us an expected visit last evening. Ta;l about a nest! In the wall plug of the bathroom, believe it or not, is where he found the worst infestation of roaches. Said he may have to come back in a couple of weeks to rid us of a new crop as they hatch from their eggs.

By the way, is it spring yet?

Snow Turning to Slush

From below freezing temperatures and windchills below zero to mercury readings nearing 40 today. This weather is insane. Thursday and Friday temps drop back down before rising to the mid 40s on Saturday and nearing 60 on Sunday.

But it ain't over.

Forecasters are already bracing folk for another Polar Express to roar through the Cornfield next week. A week from Friday, freezing rain is predicted.


Iohn has been off the past two days in part to get me to my doctors' appointments. He is back at the grind today. He is then off again Thursday and Friday.

My sister, Leticia, received good news from her doctor yesterday. So far, she remains cancer free.

Due to Tuesday's frigid weather and bone-chilling winds, plans to bring my piano from my Dad's garage to Mark's Den were postponed. Now the plan is to return the piano on Friday.

Surgery Round 2

Surgery round two will be on Monday. My left eye, as I have been telling Iohn, has continued to worsen. The cataract on what is my "good" eye continues to progress rapidly.

I went in for my follow-up to cataract surgery on my right eye Monday. Hopes were I would be fitted for new lenses and back to normal (for me) vision in a week. Not the case. Instead of a new prescription for glasses, I am scheduled to have surgery on my left eye Monday.

This means it will be about the middle of Decembe or a week before Christmas when I'll finally be able to see without everything being lburred. Getting my vision back, after continuing to struggle to get back my voice, will be a Godsend.

Record cold continues to dominate across not only the Cornfield, but the nation. Snow will stay until at least Friday when the mercury is set to rise to near 45. The weekend promises 50-degree weather.

That's just a tease, however. Another Polar Express is being readied to pull out of the depot next week.

My official weight, according to my third doctor's appointment Monday, is 142. I am getting better day after day. Still need to pack on another 20 pounds to be healthy.

Stay safe and warm.

Slushing Through the Snow

It will be a slog and slush through the snow to get to three different doctors' appointments today. From four to five inches of snow blanketed the Cornfield last evening into this morning. Compounding the situation the high is expected to be 25 degrees. It was 16 when I woke this morning.

Coming Home from Terre Haute

Conifer Ready for Christmas

Looking at Mark's Den

Snow Piling Up

More and More Snow

Let It Snow

Snowy Bare Tree

Snow on the Bushes

My follow-up with the eye surgeon is set for 1 p.m. today. Hoping I will get fitted for my new lenses. I am so tired of being more than half blind.

Next up on the agenda is another INR test. Now that I am on Coumadin, trying to get the dosage right means testing to check my blood thickness.

A routine appointment with my primary care physician follows. After that it is off to Ryan's for supper.

More Snow on the Way

Am I looking at the calendar wrong?

It is November, right?

This is the 16th.

A Polar Express raced into the Cornfield earlier this week. A second winter train is hurling toward us now and expected to pull into the depot later today before continuing on south and east.

A couple of days ago we were greeted with an unexpected dusting of snow. Tonight through Monday morning, forecasters are calling for two to three inches of the white stuff.

It is bad enough that stores put Christmas decorations and gifts to purchase out before Halloween, but Old Man Winter has decided he is not waiting for Autumn to complete her run.

Thank God, that it is nice, warm and cozy in Mark's Den. While it is blustery and frigid outside, we are staying comfortable.

Friday I fixed homemade chicken noodle soup. It hit the spot on these cold days. Saturday, I made chili my own way. Again it was a perfect warm-up for wintry weather. Naturally hot chocolate has been the drink of choice the past few nights.

Bundle up. Stay safe. Keep warm.

First Snow Powders the Cornfield

It is bad enough that the mercury readings have been 20 to 30 degrees below normal for November. Acid was poured into an open wound Thursday night as flurries turned into a dusting of snow covering the ground and our car.

Snow powdering the ground

Snow covering car

Snow powders the ground

Mom commented on Facebook that 10 miles south in Sullivan there was no snow. We were not so fortunate.

This morning as I crawled out of bed, I checked the temperature - a blistering 16 degrees! Cold weather is expected to last until at least next Friday or Saturday when we will see a balmy 40 degrees.

Getting so anxious for Monday to arrive. I have my follow-up with Dr. Ponugoti for my cataract surgery. I am hoping to get fitted for new lenses that day. I am tired of seeing all as a blur and no clarity.

If all goes well and right, next Friday may be a red letter day. Details after the fact, but not before.