New Day in Mark's Den

Equality for all Americans has been a long time coming and is not yet in all states. In the Cornfield of Indiana, equality became law a little over two months ago. For citizens in 15 states, the wait and fight continues.

For Iohn and I, the dream became reality at 6 p.m. Tuesday when Minister Rusty Goodwin pronounced us partners for life in a brief ceremony of two minutes.

Mark and Iohn Say, "I Do"

Lawful Partners for Life: Mark Ivy and Iohn Beasley

Yes, it is a new day in Mark's Den. After a decade since we first met, Iohn and I said, "I do."

The weather has not been so kind. When I woke yesterday, the temperature was around 50 degrees, but began to drop rapidly. The rain gave way to sleet and even snow flurries. This morning it is still damp and cold. The mercury is struggling to get to 30, but is currently at 28.

Iohn is officially now a Shift Supervisor at Ryan's Buffet. His promotion to manager looks on track to occur shortly after the first of the New Year.

What a Day!

What a great way to spend my 60th birthday! Iohn drove me to Indianapolis to visit and meet my newest granddaughter, Amelia, who was born Wednesday, December 9th. I also was able to share an early Christmas with her and her older sisters - Dylan, 7, and Alaina, 2. Oh yeah, Dad, oldes son Dave, and Mom, daughter-in-law Anna, were there too.

Grandpa and Granddaughters

Left to right: Alaina, Amelia and Dylan, 12-13-14

You can view more pictures at: Mark's Book of Memories.

Iohn is moving right along in his climb of the corporate ladder. His shift supervisor position is now a reality. Manager looms in the new future shortly after the start of the New Year.

History will be made in the Cornfield Tuesday when Iohn and I legitimize our life partnership.

A week from today, Mom is hosting Christmas for the family at her house in Sullivan.

Welcome to the World - Amelia Marie Ivy!

Amelia Marie Ivy

Amelia Marie Ivy Born 6:08 a.m. December 9, 2014

7 pounds 7.5 ounces     20.25 inches long

Granddaughter #3, Amelia Marie, decided we had waited enough and took her place on the world stage at 6:08 Tuesday morning. She almost made it to my birthday.

I have already created an album for her in Mark's Book of Memories from the photos Dave and Anna have shared on Facebook with family and friends.

Presently the plan is for Mom and I to travel to Indianapolis to meet our new bundle of joy this Saturday.

By waiting until the weekend, my oldest granddaughter, Dylan, will be there rather than in school. We will also get to visit with granddaughter #2, Alaina.

Today should be a big day for Iohn. The corporate trainer will be visiting Ryan's to insure that Iohn's training is complete and his promotion is in the bag. The area director will also be there.

Rather than simply a shift supervisor, all indications are that Iohn is on the fast track to become a manager shortly after the New Year.

After searching with variou auto parts stores for a thermostat for our car to no avail, one we purchased through Amazon arrived in today's mail. We had tried the dealership after finding out from the auto parts stores that it was only available through a dealer.

The dealership wanted $315 for not just the thermostat, but the whole housing and mechanism. We did not need that. We only needed the thermostat which had stuck shut in the summer.The dealership claimed it was not possible.

We found the thermostat on Amazon. We were able to purchase it for under $40 with free shipping. Iohn is at this moment putting it in the car.

In other news, Iohn and I plan to take advantage of equality won in Indiana to legitimize our partnership this Friday.

Some in the family will be happy while others will not be pleased.

Iohn and I began our partnership nearly 10 years ago with a rocky start the first two and a half years. For the past seven years we have been inseparable. Thus the partnership has long outlasted any of my previous three marriages, with an average of just over a year each.

Third Day with No Relief

The rain continues to fall flooding the yard and driveways. There seems no end in sight.

But this is not the topic of the title.

As I wrote the other day about a ticking bomb inside my head waiting to explode, the cluster headaches have hit with a vengence reminding me of their preeminence in my physical and mental well being. The pain has not eased one iota.

While the histoplasmosis is life-threatening, it can be cured with proper treatment and medication. The end to the infection may come as early as September of the coming year.

The cluster headaches or Horton's Syndrome have afflicted me for 20 years now. There is no cure. There is no relief. The clusters will be with me to the bitter end.

I have put on a smile. I have gone about my daily affairs. I have functioned with difficulty.

My ignore button has received a workout of intensity. Hoping that button doesn't break.

On baby watch for my third granddaughter. She has delayed her arrival. It is apparent she will have an obstinate streak and be her own mistress. She was due Wednesday. It is now Saturday without word she will debut any time soon.

Iohn is at work. He is struggling with a sprained foot. I am sure when he gets home within the hour he will be limping and in pain.

Cluster Time Bomb

The ticking in my ears is deafening. The bomb ready to explode in my brain is counting down to detonation. The pain at the top of my head is excruciating.

My focus of late has been on curing the histoplasmosis, the ongoing breathing issue and getting both my voice and vision restored. The cluster headaches, from which I have suffered for over 20 years, are hitting back with a fury today.

The onslaught began yesterday, though I said nothing about it. The tightness in my chest, in my throat, the aching were symptomatic of a heart attack, but in reality were symptoms of a cluster attack.

No baby yet. My third granddaughter was due yesterday, but has decided to take her own sweet time in taking the world stage. A diva already, she is going to be fashionably late.

Had a hiccup with my financial institution last night. Fortunately I was able to get it ironed out this morning.

Have you read my take on race relations in the US of A?

If not check out: Guilty: Failure to Understand, Incapable of Empathy.

Pay Day - No - Bill Paying Day

'Tis the 3rd of December. That means it is pay day. No, more precisely, it is bill paying day.

My account always looks so nice the night of the 2nd when my monthly check shows up in the bank. Then by the end of the day on the 3rd, my account looks so pitiful.

At least I have a roof over my head. I am safe, dry and wrm. I have clothes on my back. I have food in the cabinets and in the refridgerator. I have a vehicle to get me to my doctors' appointments and pick up my medications.

In this the Season of Giving, I am blessed. While I may not have much in the material realm to give, I do have a storehouse of love and good wishes.

Today is also the due date for the arrival of my 3rd granddaughter, Amelia, to make her debut into the world. Will she arrive on time or will she prefer to arrive fashionably late?

For the 1st time, Iohn and I have an appointment to get professional portraits made this afternoon. At $20, it is something we can work into the budget.

Iohn took my great-niece Savannah and her Mom, Janelle, to see the lights at Demming Park last night. Savannah had a ball after she discovered a display inspired by the hit movie, Frozen.

The Lights at Demming Park

The Lights at Demming Park

The Lights at Demming Park

The Lights at Demming Park

The Lights at Demming Park

The Lights at Demming Park

The Lights at Demming Park

The Lights at Demming Park

The house is decorated. I am doing my best to get into the spirit of the holiday. SAD is putting up roadblocks as it does every year.

Mark's Den Dressed for Christmas

Mark's Den Dressed for Christmas

Iohn and I may not have much, but that doesn't mean you can't take what you have to attempt to capture the spirit of the season.

Times have been rough and this time of year especially for the past three Christmases. With my health the way it has been and the lack of money, sometimes we want to echo Ebenezer Scrooge and scream, "Bah, humbug!"

Instead we re-read the Nativity story, turn on Christmas music on the television and decorate the Den. Whether we have anything to put under it or not, we still put up a tree.

To all, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Heartfelt wishes of a better tomorrow from Mark and Iohn in the Cornfield.