Oh, Those Blues

Life is not easy when battling major depression. It is compounded when one also suffers from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

When the blues slap you around it is like a pair of sneakers being tossed and tumbled in dryer. The emotional bruies can be devastating as despondency whirls you around like a twig in a tornado.

So it is on this Thanksgiving Eve the blues have drawn the line and launched an all-out assault. This has been going on year after year for as long as I can remember.

Iohn is working this afternoon and evening. In the morning, (now that I've had my second cataract surgery) I will be driving him to work before traveling to Sullivan for dinner with Mom and Bill. Afterwards it will be back to Mark's Den before hopefully enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with Iohn at Ryan's Buffet.

If it is anything like last year, Iohn may not get the chance to sit down for a moment for one bite of turkey or one sip of sweet tea. Seniors and single fathers with children make the holiday one of the busiest days of the year.

Black Friday, Iohn will head back to work. He is scheduled 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. He is thinking of going in at 8 instead. Based on a year ago that may be prudent. We both doubt he will be ending his shift at 2 p.m.

I keep pushing my ignore to attempt to repel the blues. It's not working.

Such is my life.

Second Surgery Went Well

On Monday morning I was back at St. Vincent Surgery Center for the second time in a month for cataract surgery. This time it was on my left, "good" eye. The surgery went well.

I am seeing better now than I have in years. Early on I was unable to wear my glasses. As the day wore on, the eye adjusted and when I put on my glasses, it was incredible. I still need a new prescription for both lenses, but current prognosis looks as if I will have better vision than I had at 25. I return for my follow-up and measurements for new glasses on December 15.

The rain finally stopped, at least for now, yesterday evening. The halt did not come, however, before our backyard was flooded. A nice pond developed, but has now mostly been absorbed by the earth on which it had gathered.

The cold remained. Flood warnings are out for the Wabash River. The mercury has finally inched above 32. A mixture of rain and snow is in the forecast for Thanksgiving Eve. Thanksgiving Day should clear off, but temperatures will only reach the high 30s.

Doing a lot of reflecting today. Looking back over the past year so full of ups and downs.

During most of August and nine days in September, it was questionable if I would be around for the upcoming holidays. Surviving to see Labor Day was a task in and of itself. Looks now as if I will be around when my third granddaughter, Amelia Marie, is welcomed into the world the first part of December. Due date is the 3rd, but as we all know, babies don't always arrive when we expect.

I hope later today to post my annual "For This I Am Grateful:" on FromTheCornfield.com. This year I plan on making it a video presentation. There will also be the text version as well.

Depression is hitting hard today on many levels. I am pushing my ignore, but it does not seem to be working very well.

Wet and Mild

This Sunday before Thanksgiving belies what was reality a scant six days ago. Temperatures were at or below freezing. Snow was on the ground.

Saturday saw a high of 60 degrees wth some rain. Today the mercury is already registering in the mid 50s. Rain has fallen off and on overnight. It is a wet and mild last Sunday in November.

Colder hours are ahead as we head toward the national day of giving thanks. A mix of rain and snow is expected Wednesday. Temps trying to get barely above freezing will be felt on Thursday as we gather with family and friends to carve the turkey.

With the bouncing around with the weather, I wonder how many people will be sick or get sick this coming holiday weekend?

Prepping myself over the next several hours for cataract surgery on my left eye tomorrow morning. The upside is that I will be able to see clearly for Thanksgiving. The downside is that it will be another month before I have new glasses.

Though I haven't mentioned it much lately, yes, I am still dealing with the various conditions which continue to assault my body and mind. I have been pushing my ignore button hourly to keep my head from being pulled beneath the fray.

Time to relax and prep for Monday.

Mother Nature's Insane!

Mother Nature Has Gone Insane

Mother Nature must have gone insane. How else can we explain the topsy-turvy weather pattern this week?

Either she's gone crazy or unable to control Old Man Winter.

The first part of the week wind chill was down to -10 degrees. The actual mercury reading was as low as 6 degrees. The first measurable snowfall fell followed by up to 5 inches of snow.

Five Inches of Snow

Today we are sweltering in 60-degree heat. This is insanity in it's most blatant form.

But alas, it will all be short-lived. With Thanksgiving approaching this Thursday, we are expecting a high of 36. This will follow a rainy snow mix on Wednesday.

Oh well, guess I need to enjoy the warmth while it lasts.

Piano Day?

Could this be the day my beloved piano once more graces Mark's Den?

It is not nearly as warm as forecasters predicted earlier in the week before revising temperatures downward. Yet, it is still expected to hit the mid 30s.

The initial plan was to move the piano on Tuesday. The now and bitter cold put a damper on that plan. Now today around noon or shortly after is to be the move.

Can't wait to tickle the ivories again.

Will this be historic for Iohn and I today?

Or will this be merely a baby step to that historic moment?

Will full equality arrive at Mark's Den?

In the coming hours we will have answers to the questions.

More Cold Before Warmth

Earlier in the week we thought we would see a warm-up on Friday. That is not to be as another small cold front moved in Wednesday. We have to wait now until Saturday for relief from the chill.

It is back for another doctor's appointment today. Routine follow-up at the pulmonologist. Change yesterday from doctor to the nurse practitioner. Expect all will be well and a routine chest x-ray which should be unremarkable.

Iohn is moving right along with his shift supervisor training. He should be moving into Phase 2 by the weekend. Expect he will be a MIT (manager-in-training) by the first of the year. Within a couple of months as the new year begins, Iohn should have a promotion and new title of manager.

The bug man paid us an expected visit last evening. Ta;l about a nest! In the wall plug of the bathroom, believe it or not, is where he found the worst infestation of roaches. Said he may have to come back in a couple of weeks to rid us of a new crop as they hatch from their eggs.

By the way, is it spring yet?

Snow Turning to Slush

From below freezing temperatures and windchills below zero to mercury readings nearing 40 today. This weather is insane. Thursday and Friday temps drop back down before rising to the mid 40s on Saturday and nearing 60 on Sunday.

But it ain't over.

Forecasters are already bracing folk for another Polar Express to roar through the Cornfield next week. A week from Friday, freezing rain is predicted.


Iohn has been off the past two days in part to get me to my doctors' appointments. He is back at the grind today. He is then off again Thursday and Friday.

My sister, Leticia, received good news from her doctor yesterday. So far, she remains cancer free.

Due to Tuesday's frigid weather and bone-chilling winds, plans to bring my piano from my Dad's garage to Mark's Den were postponed. Now the plan is to return the piano on Friday.