Happy Halloween from Mark's Den

Today is All Hallowed Eve more commonly known as Halloween. It is the night when ghosts and goblins rise from the grave according to tradition before the pure of heart come alive on All Saints Day.

Tricksters and those seeking treats will don costumes of scary characters, cute munchkin looks, glamor and home created styles. Children, solo and accompanied by parents, will seek out the homes with porch lights on in search of candy with the customary, "Trick or treat?"

Within the gay community, Halloween to many has become the social event of the year. For many clubs and bars, it is the busiest night of the year.

I told Iohn last night with the dark glasses I am wearing to protect my right eye following cataract surgery this past Monday, I could be the Unabomber for Halloween.

Mark as the Unabomber

A few years back, Iohn and I went to the Sullivan American Legion to celebrate the holiday. We had completely different approaches in our costumes. I showed up as Hannibal Lecter while Iohn was in Skeletor mode.

Mark and Iohn dressed for Halloween

Perhaps one of the most frightening visions one saw was several years ago when Iohn decided to show off his Wynona look.

Iohn as Wynonna

From our home to yours, Happy Halloween from Mark's Den!

Drop to Freezing

When I first hit the floor this morning, the thermometer was reading at 36. While drinking my coffee, the mercury dropped to 32. Thankfully it has now risen back to 36. Though at the freezing point, it didn't feel that bad as I watched the sun rise and sipped on my java.

Had an unexpected visitor this morning. Mom stopped by for a quick chat. She also was dropping off a few things to my great-niece, Savannah, who lives with her Mom, Janelle, in the other half of our duplex. Mom and Bill come up one day each week usually to have coffee with friends at Dairy Queen. Bill was also getting his haircut. While Bill was in the barber's chair, Mom took advantage to swing by while she waited.

Iohn is scheduled off today. Now whether he will be off is anyone's guess. Last week he was called in to cover for a couple of people who called off work.

We are still trying to sell a couple of furniture items:

Dresser with mirror and end table

Dresser with mirror for sale plus an end table

Organ with stool for sale

Organ for sale - works, has rhythm section!

Make us an offer. Who knows we may make a deal. Would like at least $75 out of the dresser and mirror, but will haggle. Would like at least $50 on the organ, but again will haggle. With the holidays coming up, the instrument would be great to gather round and sing Christmas carols.

Doing my best to ignore all my conditions. Treading water in a sea of despair, but so far keeping my head above the swirl around me.

Midweek Turns Chilly

The dawn revealed a bright, blue sky as crisp air lingered over the Cornfield. As the sun rose spreading light from east to west, its brilliance added warmth chasing away the chill.

I have found that sitting on the porch in the brisk, early morning drinking coffee, it is much easier to breathe than within the confines of Mark's Den. Something about the cool air flows in through my nose and mouth with ease traveling down into my bronchial tubes.

As I sip my morning joe, the grandeur of old sol breaking through the darkness is reassuring. An ease comes over me as the small birds, which have yet to head south for the winter, sing their song.

Both our main shade tree and the secondary shade are now bare. The leaves of red and gold have tumbled in the Dance of the Falling Leaves and covered the ground. Our drive which was paved with the fall foliage was swept clean by the strong winds that proceeded the rain which fell in the dark hours Tuesday morning.

Shade Trees Lose Leaves

My right eye continues to mend following cataract surgery and implant of an intra-ocular lens on Monday. The eye is still scratchy and there is some mild pain. Four times each day I have three different eye drops to squirt into my orb.

Doing my best to keep the blues away. It is not easy. While I love the fall, I also find it to be the beginning of a long season of depression.

Day After Cataract Surgery

Finally had cataract surgery Monday after being rescheduled twice. The operation seems to have gone well. Doctor Ponugoti said that I did well during the procedure when I had the post-op follow-up yesterday afternoon. It will be 30 days before the right eye heals. Then I can be fitted for new glasses.

Not sure if it was the surgery, anesthesia, or the eye drops, but I tired quickly last evening. I was unable to stop falling asleep as I watched both Scoprion and later The Blacklist. Finally right before 11 p.m. I told Iohn good night and headed to bed.

The eye is scratchy and slight pain today. I put on my protective sunglasses whenever I sit on the porch - even at night. The glasses wrap around my regular glasses and prevent anything blowing in from all sides.

The cluster headaches are acting up this morning. Not sure if triggered by the surgery or the normal occasional intense pain. Of course I never have a day free from a headache or pain, but usually the intensity is kept to a minimum. At least my internal ignore is still working.

Doing my best to remain positive. There are days (today is one) when it is not so easy to do.

Indiana's Family Services sent me a letter that the agency has been informed I may be receiving help to meet my needs. This can affect the status of Medicaid - which per a letter I received a few months back, I am no longer eligible due to the Affordable Care Act. Then again, with five hospital admissions, a week in health rehab and two months of home healthcare, who knows what my status may be.

Guess I'll fill out the information and fax it back today.

Happy Birthday! - Lyndale Ray Ivy

Today my brother, Lynn, turns 58. Lynn was born a short 22 months after my arrival in Charleston, West Virginia. Dad was pastoring the Church of God in St. Albans at the time.

As with most siblings, Lynn and I have had our ups and downs. But one thing that has been constant is that we are brothers and love each other.

Here is a slight pictoral of Lynn in honor of his birthday:

Newborn Lyndale Ray Ivy

Newborn Lyndale Ray Ivy

Mom showing off Lynn

Mom (Sharon) showing off Lynn to the world

Lynn Getting Bigger

Lynn Getting Bigger

Lynn and I in chair

Posed with my new little brother

Our first boxing match

Our first boxing match - Lynn was not happy

Lynn dressed up

Look at that smile

Sitting on the bleachers

Lynn posing on the bleachers

Lynn 58 Today

Lynn 58 today!

I had hoped to go with Mom to visit Lynn down in Carlisle today. My plans changed since I had cataract surgery yesterday.

Wishing Lynn all the best of this his day. May he have a day of joy and love. May peace be his.

Happy Birthday, dear brother!

Happy Birthday, Iohn!

Today, Iohn moved closer to the nursing home. In fact, I think I may have to get him a walker to get around come next year!

Yep, Iohn turned the ripe old age of 28 today. Wishing him a very Happy Birthday. May your day be filled with joy, laughter and love. May you obtain the fullness of your dreams.

Iohn Dressed Up

Iohn Beasley 28 Today!

It may be Iohn's birthday, but that does not mean he gets a break from the grindstone. He had to be at work at 6 a.m. He works until 2 this afternoon. But there will still be time to celebrate.

Around 4 p.m. we will be heading to Mom's house for some cake and ice cream. Perhaps we will get in a game or two of euchre or cornhole. How long the celebration will depend on if Iohn has to go back into work this evening. The past two Sundays he has had to go back to close.

Tomorrow morning will come earlier than I hope. Both of us will be rising around 6 a.m. to prepare to travel to St. Vincent Surgery Center in Terre Haute. I will be having cataract surgery at 9:30, but have to arrive at 8:30 a.m.

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Gorgeous Autumn Days

The only word to describe the past few days in the Cornfield is gorgeous. Today is no exception.

Autumn Leaves

The days and nights have been mild. The sun has shone with a few cumulus and cirrus clouds breezing overhead. The leaves of gold and red are continuing the Dance of the Falling Leaves. There is an aroma that only autumn can bring.

Seasonal affective disorder has yet to set in. God is in His heaven and all seems right with the world.

I can say this even though across the globe and the nation there are fires burning filled with violence, hatred and fear. The tragedy in Washington State Friday is far removed from the Cornfield, but even in my serene setting I am touched and my heart grieves for the victims and their families.

The panic and unwarranted fear over the Ebola virus has me concerned for those infrected, but I remain buoyant and confident in the end our medical professionals will contain the danger. I am more concerned with the enterovirus and flu season than any chance of an outbreak in the US of A of Ebola.

In the Cornfield and within Mark's Den, peace and calm reign - at least for the moment.

Could this be the calm before the storm?

Lord knows I have my share of tempestuous weather Inside My Mind.

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