‘War on Terror Is Over’

by Mark  

A little over a week ago in an article in the National Journal, an unknown senior State Department official is quoted as saying, “The war on terror is over.”

There was some uproar, though minor, in the media and in the blogosphere. But most just ignored the statement.

But what is the reality?

Is the War on Terror over?

Early reports on the speech to be given shortly by President Barack Obama state that the President will make a similar announcement from the Baghram Air Force Base in Afghanistan in a prime time speech to the American people. The speech will center on the President's surprise visit to the country in which we are in an active war. The reason for the trip was to sign an agreement with President Hamid Karzai on the US role in and with Afghanistan when American troops leave the country in 2014.

The President is expected to in essence proclaim an end to the War on Terror is in sight.

But is it?

Is the War on Terror restricted only to the killing of Osama Bin Laden and pushing the Taliban out of Afghanistan?

Does the War on Terror only apply to Al Qaeda and its operatives?

What about the homegrown terrorists still quite active here in the heartland?

Just today the FBI and Homeland Security arrested 5 such terrorists intent on blowing up a bridge in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Is this still not terror?

Can we truly proclaim the War on Terror is over?

From the Cornfield, I do not believe we are yet safe from the possibility of threats and attacks both from terrorists abroad and those festering and growing within our own borders.



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