June Ends


This month could not come to an end soon enough. With what has occurred from Iohn leaving me without warning to my trek from the Cornfield to the Desert, this month has been a rollercoaster ride. A ride I am still learning with which to cope.

What will July bring?

Will there be more upheaval in my life?

Will I find a friend?

Will I survive?

One thing is certain, though the swirling dark waters of depression ever threaten, I will not go “softly into that dark night”. I will go yelling and kicking. At times I may be on the verge of submitting to those demons that want to steal my soul and sanity, I know in whom I have believed.

There will be good days ahead. There will be bad days. But each day I see the sun in the morning, the night sky,  it is a day I have won.

Moving on is not easy. But move on, I must.

That’s how it is this last day in June.

And how is your Tuesday, June 30th, going?

Oh yeah! Tell me what you think of the new blog format and software.

And don’t forget to check out Kernels From the Cornfield, my daily take on the headlines and current events.

The New Inside My Mind


Welcome to the all new Inside My Mind!

Following months of the other blog software crashing for no reason, I decided to change the format to WordPress. For years I have used and enjoyed the b2evolution software for my blogs.

However, this continued crashing has become unacceptable. It has only been happening to Inside My Mind, but not to From the Cornfield and Kernels From the Cornfield. It is a mystery.

I have also switched both of those over to the WordPress software as well.

Hope you enjoy the new layout and continue to follow along delving into the light and dark of Mark.