Slow, Chilly Saturday

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Chooey woke me with his usual “kisses” this chilly Saturday morning around eight. Not sure why, but I definitely did not want to rise. Since that time it is as if I am moving in slow motion. Can’t seem to find any get-up-and-go.

The day promises to not only remain chilly with a high in the mid 50s, but will also be damp with rain moving into the area. This makes doing anything more than sitting at my computer or in the chair watching television very difficult.

I had hoped with Tuesday, November 3, being Election Day and a state holiday, that I might receive my paycheck early. Looks like that will not be the case. I had hoped if an early payday, I could move into the new Mark’s Den Sunday instead of waiting until Tuesday.

Not much will be happening today with the weather and humidity keeping confined in the basement and sitting the majority of the time.

A shout out to my sister, Leticia, and her husband, Chad. Today is their anniversary. So, Happy Anniversary!

To all the readers out there, Happy Halloween!

That’s the way it is this All Hallowed Eve in the temporary Mark’s Den.

And how is your Halloween going?

More Good News

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Thursday was my follow-up visit with my pulmonologist. This was the first time to see him since I came back to the Cornfield after spending the summer in the Desert.

The good news keeps coming.

Before seeing the doctor, I was administered a pulmonary function test. While on what area of the test I fell from a 72 last year to a 34 this year, the overall was a 95 which was great. When you consider I only have one functioning lung, this was not expected.

The doc was pleased.

He took a listen to my lungs – yes, both lobes. All was clean and clear. What is going on is a build-up of mucus in my sinuses. That is mostly due to the rainy, cool weather of this week.

No need to see the doc again until the end of January.

Two more doctors to see.

I will be having my initial exam at the VA clinic on Monday. Later in November I will be seeing my urologist. Hopefully on that visit, I will be given another six months before I see him again.

Still have not found a lawyer to help me with filing for VA disability. There are five lawyers in Terre Haute to contact. I also am going to check at the Sullivan veterans office to see if it can help with the process.

Neighbors of Mom’s have put a loveseat out on the curb. It looks in great condition. If it is still there later today when my cousin, Travis, comes over, hopefully that will be going to my new apartment.

Speaking of the new apartment, it is only four more days before I can move in to the new Mark’s Den. I cannot wait and I am sure Mom is ready to get me out of her basement.

That’s the way it is on this TGIF in the temporary Mark’s Den.

And how is your Friday going?

Third Doctor’s Visit

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Today I have my third appointment with one of my doctors in two weeks. Last week it was my infectious disease control specialist and cardiologist. Today it is a follow-up with my pulmonologist.

What will the good doctor tell me on my prognosis? The weather remains cool to downright cold. The humidity has remained stubbornly high.

While the rain has moved out of the area, the welcomed sunshine is not making breathing or moving about any easier. As long as I stay sitting I am fine.

Five days to go! Yes, it is now less than a week when I get to move into the new Mark’s Den. I am counting the hours.

That’s the way it is this Thursday in the temporary Mark’s Den.

And how is your #ThrowBackThursday going?

And today’s picture from yesteryear:

Sis Leticia with Chance and Jackalee
Sis Leticia with Chance and Jackalee

Another Cool, Wet Day

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Woke to another cool, wet day in the Cornfield. The mercury is expected to rise into the low 60s today. The rain should be moving out leaving a dry Thursday.

Chooey woke me at 4:30 this morning. Unusual for him. Normally he waits until between 7 and 8 a.m. to wake me. He did allow me to go back to sleep. I slept until 8:30.

Less than a week to go before I move into the new Mark’s Den at Stonebrook of Hymera. The help and the items being given to furnish the apartment have been overwhelming. I am so grateful to everyone who has or is providing as well as those who are helping with my move next Tuesday.

While I know the physical address will be 115 S Main St #9, Hymera, IN 47855, I am not sure yet what the mailing address will be. Unless things have changed, it will be a post office box.

So far so good being back in the Cornfield. While the dampness and humidity have lessened my ability to move around and do things, I am holding up pretty well. The Desert is still my ultimate goal for spending my golden years.

Trying to keep my focus today. Tonight is the third Republican debate of presidential wannabes on CNBC. I need to have all brain cells snapping as they should in order to write my summation and take.

That’s the way it is on this Hump Day in the temporary Mark’s Den.

And how is your Wednesday going?

Happy 59th Birthday, Lyndale Ray Ivy!

Today my brother, Lynn, turns 59.

Lynn was born a short 22 months after my arrival in Charleston, West Virginia. Dad was pastor at the Church of God in St. Albans at the time.

As with most siblings, Lynn and I have had our ups and downs. But one thing that has been constant is that we are brothers and love each other.

Here is a slight pictorial of Lynn in honor of his birthday:

Newborn Lyndale Ray Ivy

Newborn Lyndale Ray Ivy

Mom showing off Lynn

Mom (Sharon) showing off Lynn to the world

Lynn Getting Bigger

Lynn Getting Bigger

Lynn and I in chair

Posed with my new little brother

Our first boxing match

Our first boxing match – Lynn was not happy

Lynn dressed up

Look at that smile

Sitting on the bleachers

Lynn posing on the bleachers

Lynn 58 Today

Lynn 59 today!

Wishing Lynn all the best of this his day. May he have a day of joy and love. May peace be his.

Cool, Wet Day

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Rain fell overnight and threatens throughout the day and into tomorrow. With the wet weather came a cool down in temperature. The high today is expected to only reach into the mid to upper 50s.

Naturally, the humidity is high. Breathing is made difficult unless I remain sedentary.

I can feel the dampness throughout my bones. This is not going to be a day of much activity.

The mother of my youngest son, Kev, is coming through with a shower curtain for the new Mark’s Den. She is also going to see what pots and pans she may have to spare. A neighbor brought over a lamp with shade yesterday.

A week from today I will be moving in to what will be the new Mark’s Den. This week can not go by fast enough for me or Mom.

Chooey is becoming a pain. He is feeling his oats and not wanting to listen.

Back in the Desert, he only knew a fenced in back yard which limited where he could go. Here at Mom’s there is no fence to keep him contained.

The past couple of days Chooey has decided to ignore my commands and run to the front of the house. If he stayed in the yard, no problem. But he has taken to exploring the street, the neighbors and even crossing the street. I am not capable of chasing him.

Chooey knows my restrictions.

So, I am having to use the very, very short leash I have. It does not allow him to go more than a couple of feet from me. He does not like it. But he has brought it on himself by refusing to listen and mind. I do plan to get a longer, retractable leash to use once we move.

The cool temps and dampness is hitting me today. Pushing my internal ignore to try and lessen the effects of the weather.

That’s the way it is this second day of the week in the temporary Mark’s Den.

And how is your Tuesday going?

Yep, It’s Monday

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

One thing is certain.

It’s Monday.

The weather is chilly and wet this morning. Warmer temps are expected as the week goes on, but not today.

One week and one day to go and I can move into the new Mark’s Den in Hymera. Family and neighbors are coming through with items I need for the apartment. Yesterday,

Mom found and the neighbors gave me: a computer desk and chair, a chest of drawers, a couple of book cases, a recliner and a kitchen table. Other family members are pitching in with kitchen items, linens and curtains.

What I am still in need of is a microwave and a couch/loveseat along with a couple of kitchen table chairs. Some knick knacks and a shower curtain would be nice as well. In need of a couple of lamps and tables to place the lamps.

On Friday I will be seeing the pulmonologist. Until then it will be a rather quiet, boring week.

I continue to weather the climate change better than I expected. But I do become more winded and exhausted quicker than I was in the Desert.

That’s the way it is this first day of the week in the temporary Mark’s Den.

And how is your Monday going?

Happy 29th Birthday, Iohn!

My estranged partner, Iohn, and his twin brother, Nate, turn 29. Sending out a wish for a very Happy Birthday filled with love, joy and peace. May your dreams come true and your goals be met.

In honor of his birthday, here are a few images of Iohn through the years.

babyiohn youngiohn

aesticiohn iohn18dennys iohn21 iohn-bad-ass iohndugger


morningafteriohnHope you are having a great birthday, Iohn.

Lazy, Cloudy Sunday

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Mild temperatures with clouds obscuring the sun on this last Sunday in October greeted me as I roused from slumber.

Being in the basement, however, I was not aware as no light breaks through the darkness where there are no windows.

Chooey as remained on my lap since waking. Perhaps, like me,  he may be a little congested.

My blood oxygen has been reading between 95 and 97 consistently. The trouble with breathing has primarily been with a stuffy nose.

I can hear Mom upstairs. If like most days, she is busy, busy, busy. Seems she always has running to do, chores to perform or people to help.

For me it is more of the same. Not much changes from day to day.

That’s the way it is this Lord’s Day in the temporary Mark’s Den.

And how is your Sunday going?

Focus Difficult

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Woke up late this Saturday morning. Poured my coffee, but it is having little effect. My eyes and my mind are both having trouble finding focus. I want to fall back to sleep and not wake up.

The eyes are heavy and filled with leftover sleep. My mind is racing and scattered. A cluster is hitting hard in the center top of my head.

Outside rain threatens. Clouds are obscuring the sun. The mercury is in the upper 60s. Humidity is mid to high.

On Friday, I saw my cardiologist, Dr. John Yacoub. He made no change to my medication. He did give me a thumbs up. I do not go back for a follow-up until May, 2016.

Little over a week to go before I can move into the new Mark’s Den in Hymera. Wish it could have been yesterday.

I appreciate Mom making room for me to stay in the basement until the first of the month.

Today promises to be long and boring. Wait – isn’t that pretty much every day for me?

That’s the way it is this Saturday in the temporary Mark’s Den.

And how is your Saturday going?