The End of March

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

The end is upon us as the fools wait to celebrate. March could not close soon enough for me this year. But April is not forecast to be the greatest month for people like me with respiratory concerns either.

Heavy rain punctuated by thunder and lightning along with threats of tornadoes dominated the Cornfield on Thursday. A cold front has moved in and dropping the mercury into the upper 40s and 50s today.

What a way to close out this month where we had to turn our clocks forward and welcome spring.

Such is life.

My houseguest brought another houseguest last night.

Frankie the Second, Corgi-Golden Retriever mix.

Frankie is a Corgi and Golden Retriever mix about a year old. He is much larger than Chooey, but so far, so good.

House rules: Iohn has to clean up all the messes. And there have been a lot already.

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your last day of March going?

Head Exploding

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

For the first time in months and months, my head is exploding in pain today. The cluster headaches have roared back to prominence in the most excruciating manner.

Mark’s Den is not a happy place today.

Such is life.

This all makes dealing with the respiratory issue that much more difficult and frustrating. My ability to function is greatly restricted.

Push on I must.

Ignore button don’t fail me now!

That’s the way it is on what will be an off-again, on-again rainy day in the Cornfield.

And how is your Thursday going?

#ThrowBackThursday photo:

During better times before histoplasmosis destroyed my right lung, damaged my larynx and eyes. Phil Sr. and Mark,Thanksgiving, 2008

Midweek Marsh

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Today I feel like I am trapped in a marsh of malaise, respiratory distress, distress, despair and depression.

This weather is not my friend.

I am pressing with all my might on my internal ignore button.

More thunderstorms are on the horizon. This makes the battle with my own body that much more difficult to win.

Such is life.

I will survive.

Divided We Stand

Time to Govern

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your Wednesday going?

Better Tuesday

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

The chickens were beginning to shake their feathers as the roosters began to crow when I crawled out of bed between 5:30 and 6:00 this morning. The first glimmer of sun breaking through the clouds was faint.

Already it was apparent today would be better than yesterday.

The mucus buildup was less. The pressure on my chest was less intense.

The rain clouds have moved east, leaving behind arid formations in the sky to float, blocking the daylight from time to time.

Yes, a better Tuesday.

My erstwhile houseguest has a job interview this morning. Saying a prayer that he gets the position.

I was extra late in getting out Kernels From the Cornfield last night. Publishing time was 9 p.m.

Kernels – Monday, March 27, 2017

Today’s edition should be more timely. Hopefully it will generate at least one or two views. Last night’s edition has had no views as of this hour.

In a little while I hope to publish the results of my recent poll asking, “Whom Do You Trust?

Look for that.

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your Tuesday going?

Must Be Monday

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

The only way I could feel worse today is if this were Monday.

Wait – it is Monday!


Between the rain rolling in and out of the Cornfield and fighting the usual depression, to say I am not feeling all that well would be shortchanging the situation.

Such is life.

My main goal today, as it is every day, is to keep away from the Emergency Room and an extended-stay suite at Regional.

Received great news Sunday. Kev and Hailey will be visiting in June. Their trip will be in time for Father’s Day – hint, hint.

Keeping my head above water is the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your week beginning?

Sunday Golden Text: Trust

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

– Proverbs 3:5-6

Confield Polls: Whom Do You Trust?

Shaving Day – I Hope

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Tried it.

Don’t like it.

Not that it does not look good, but I personally am not a fan. Plus the itch is a bit of an issue.

What am I talking about?


Had thought it may be an option since it is so difficult on my system to shave. But after a couple of weeks, it is not for me.

So much for “not by the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin.”

Of all days, I had to pick one that is an “At-Risk” day for those of us with respiratory concerns to have to take off the oxygen in order to get rid of the stubble on my face.

Such is life.

Hoping that body does not rebel when I head for the bathroom to shower today. At least with the shower, I can wear the O2. I have a chair to sit if it becomes to much.

When I go to shave, however, I will have to do so under my own breathing ability. No aid or artificial induction of sustainable air into my system.

That’s  the way it is this cloudy Saturday in the Cornfield as I relax in Mark’s Den.

And how is your weekend going?

Do not forget to give your opinion and read my latest op-ed.

Confield Polls: Whom Do You Trust?

Time to Govern


Yucky on a Beautiful Day

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

How is it possible on such a beautiful Friday in March, I am feeling yucky?

But it is not just me.

Mom messaged me this morning with similar sentiments. Part of it of course is our health conditions which are limiting are ability to do things.

Such is life.

Some days you’re up and some days you’re down. That’s just the way it goes.

The Disciples when up on the mountain with Jesus wanted to stay there. Jesus, however, reminded them they had to go back to the valley and every day life.

Many years ago, Mom wrote a poem about the hidden fruit and strength found in the valley which gave one the ability to scale the mountain and take in all the glory of a mountain top experience.

Anyone who has ever gone to the mountains and surveyed the world from the top can relate to the feeling, the exhilaration of looking out on the valley below. It is breathtaking in its scope.

But the stores, the restaurants, the centers of supply are in the villages nestled below. You can live on the mountain, but at some point you have to go down to the valley.

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your Friday going?

Slow, But Sure

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Improvement is at a snail’s pace as I recoup from the breathing concerns which landed me in the hospital back the second week of February. Though slow, the prognosis is sure and better.

Mom is experiencing the same as she continues to recover from injuries sustained in a car accident in Nashville, Tennessee about three weeks ago. Some days are better than others. A concern she has will be addressed when she sees the doctor again tomorrow.

While improving, my system is already feeling the effects of yet another storm front that will strike the Cornfield through the weekend.

Such is life.

My errant houseguest once to move back in. There are both pros and cons to the idea. I have not yet given a definitive answer. 

Believer or skeptic?

Credibility is at the forefront.

Whom can you trust?

Who do you trust?

I’m President and you’re not,” is how President Donald Trump summed up the issue of credibility.

Confield Polls: Whom Do You Trust?

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your Thursday going?

#ThrowBackThursday photo:

With the House of Representatives set to vote on the American Health Care Act today or tonight, I have to say, like with the Affordable Care Act, I am not in favor of this new legislation to repeal the ACA. This bill also is not beneficial to people like me and the American people in general, in my opinion.

An Uncle Joe Day

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

To say I am moving slow today would be a vast understatement.

I am moving slower than Uncle Joe at Petticoat Junction this Hump Day!

From groggy eyes that still have not adjusted after not rising until 9:30 this morning to the fog which is still blurring my mind, I am not altogether.

Been listening and watching intently to what is an apparent terrorist attack of some kind in London, England at the Parliament. For those who have paid attention, this is not a surprise that such an incident has happened in the United Kingdom.

Have you given your opinion yet?

Confield Polls: Whom Do You Trust?

Read how we ended up with a President Donald Trump?

Development of a President

If you didn’t read Kernels From the Cornfield yesterday, you missed this:

Rivers Are Human – While here in the US of A, we are trapped in controversy arguing over the Supreme Court ruling that corporations are persons, the Citizens United case panned by former President Obama, on the other side of the world there is another legal declaration raising eyebrows even more.

The first is in New Zealand where a river was granted humanity by the courts. Then in India, two other rivers were granted the rights of humans.

Don’t believe me?

Read all about it:

Guess I need to get busy.

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your midweek going?