So Long, June!

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

At midnight tonight June will take a final bow as the curtain comes down and July takes the stage.

Meteorologists are warning that the month may end with a bang of thunder, lightning and hail as severe storms roll across the Cornfield.

The bug man was back out on Thursday. The scurry of the bugs was not present when I woke this morning and poured a cup of coffee. The remains of those who met their demise was very evident.

While the pest control guy did his work, Chooey, Frankie and I sat outside. Iohn even moved Frankie’s cage outside for the couple of hours we had to be out of Mark’s Den.

With the 3rd falling on Monday, the eagle will land tonight, making funds available tomorrow. This will have me on the run Saturday, picking up meds, getting groceries, delivering discs of Mom’s Gospel Originals I copied for her and being broke before sundown as I pay bills.

Such is life.

Speaking of life, I continue to bounce back. Not what was or is expected of someone who presumably has four months or less to live.

That’s the way it is this last day of June, 2017.

And how is your Friday going?

Chance, Me (Mark) and Kev – Believe it or not I took this picture.