Saturday Feeling

This song bests sums up my feeling on this beautiful, mild Saturday afternoon:

SVT Rreturn

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
When I thought I had cleared the woods, a falling tree sent me crashing back to reality.
Without warning the flutter grew rapidly into a fever-pitched crescendo as my heart rate increased. A Quick check found the rate racing at 177 beats and gusting to 185.
The house phone at the ready, I dialed the Heart to Heart Hospice office. I sought permission to take a metoprolol, which regulates heart rate.
Nurse Tabitha happened to be in the office. She said if my blood pressure was 90 or better to take a pill. She also said she was on her way.
I checked my pressure, 104/88. I downed a metoprolol. Within a half hour, my blood pressure had lessened to 63.
I was clear.
That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.
And how is your Friday going?
Father’s Day, 2008: Me, Bill Large, the late Uncle Allen Powell

Cooler, But No Ease

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
The mercury may have dropped 20 degrees, but that is not slowing down the battle raging with and inside my body. I have had to hit the “sauce” twice already this morning,
to ease the pain and aid with breathing. My efforts to limit my use of Roxanol have not played out as the battle has intensified the past week.
Perhaps as the weather front settles, I will find some relief.
Such is life.
That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.
And how is your Thursday going?
April 7, 2013: with my granddaughters: Alaina and Dylan

Improving – No

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
Wishing I can say that my physical and mental states are improving on this cooler midweek day, but, alas, I cannot. If anything, I am worse today than yesterday. And – yesterday was no picnic.
When Nurse Tabitha visited yesterday, she asked if I thought my current setback was due to the weather or the disease progressing naturally. I had no answer. I do know the weather does impact me, but unsure if the damage caused by histoplasmosis is getting worse.
Home aide Bambi was by yesterday to make me presentable to the world. That is if I ever get to see the world again. Bambi also does various small chores around the house for me.
Chooey is being quite the trooper, taking care of Daddy. he instinctively knows Daddy is not doing well.
That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.
And how is your Wednesday going?
Family gathering at Sullivan City Park, June 29, 2008.

Tuesday, Not Good

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark
A beautiful, sky blue day in the Cornfield. The day will be less hot than it has been in over a week. A larger cool down is coming tomorrow and the rest of the week.
It should be a great day, But —- for me this Tuesday is not a good day. Yesteday and last night, I was locked in a battle royal with my own body.
The need to resort to the Roxanol was increased last night. This morning has been no better.
I was suppose to have annual lab work at the VA Clinic today. That dd not happen. I have already cancelled ext week’s annual exam.
That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den as I continue to struggle.
And how is your Tuesday going?

Happy 100! Grandma Powell

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

It was 100 years ago today that my Grandmother, Mary Olive Bush Powell, was born.

Grandma continues to live on her own, in her own apartment. No one lives with her. Her daughters, Mom (Sharon Hollifield) and my Aunt Nancy Shipley, check in on her, shop and keep her fed. Granddaughter Michelle Zimmerman keeps her presentable. Bill assists as needed. Grandchildren pitch in from time to time.

Although her eye sight is failing, her hearing nearly go, Grandma, like the Energizer Bunny, keeps going and going!

Three once called her Mother. Her only son, Allen Powell, left too soon a few years ago, leaving two.

Dozens call her Grandma. Dozens more call her Aunt Olive. Hundreds know her as Sister Powell.

Yesterday family came together to celebrate her life.

My thoughts:

A Century of Life

What a life it has been.  

Family members shared images of the celebration: 

A Century of Life

When Mary Olive Bush Powell made her debut in the world on September 25, 1917, the telephone was in very few homes.

There was no rotary dial. People would pick up the receiver and tell the local operator with whom they wished to speak. The local operator was the source of gossip and news, the Twitter of the time.

Men would gather to discuss everything at the local barbershop. This was the hub of social networking at the time or that age’s Facebook.

Outhouses were in use for most in the Cornfield. Potbelly stoves, burning coal, provided warmth. Hand-held fans provided relief from the heat.

Mary Olive’s father, Jim Bush, was the local barber in Helmsburg, nestled in the beauty of the hills of Brown County, Indiana. Jim aka Great-Grandpa Bush was the barber there for over 60 years.

Grandpa Bush was also one of a few renown artists capturing the beauty of Brown County on canvas.

Mary Olive lost her mother shortly after the birth of her younger brother, Jimmy, who is now deceased. Her older sister, Dorothy, who passed on too soon, helped Grandpa raise Mary Olive and Jimmy.

I recall listening in awe Grandma talking about having met and hinting that she had gone on a date or at least took a ride with the infamous gangster, John Dillinger, who hailed from a nearby county. But it was the brash, handsome oldest son of Postmaster Ancil Powell, who caught her eye and heart.

She and Luther Crockett Powell wed. The couple soon had a daughter, Sharon Lynn (Mom). A few years later came along Allen (now deceased) and few more years came Nancy.

Life change dramatically one night when the couple with Mom in tow attended a revival at Greasy Creek Church. The couple met Jesus. Grandma, Mary Olive, has never wavered or turned from her commitment that night.

For over half a century, Grandma was a preacher’s wife. Pastorates took her and her family throughout Indiana to West Virginia, Ohio and Illinois, including to two stints at the Church of God right here in Sullivan.

Many say it is the famous Bush stubborness that has allowed her to reach the young age of 100. That stubborness and determination can plainly be seen looking back at when she received her driver’s liceense in her 60s.

Shortly after receiving her license, she and Grandpa went their separate ways. Grandma never remarried.

Grandma continued to drive until finally being convinced to give up her car a little over a decade ago. Though her big day is not until tomorrow, the family is celebrating her life today at the community room in her apartment building.

Grandma continues to live alone, in her own apartment. Daughters Sharon and Nancy, her granddaughters – especially Michelle – and Bill help attend to her needs each day.

Here is to you, Grandma Powell –


Autumn Arrived

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Autumn has arrived in the Cornfield. But with a last hurrah summer hot flash through Tuesday you may not have noticed. Having 90+-degree temperatures is not very fall-like.

My fifth month since my prognosis is three quarters of the way complete. Something tells me God does not agree with the learned assessment of my condition.

Most everyone around here will be down on the square in Sullivan tonight and tomorrow for the annual Corn Festival. Me, I will be with Chooey at home.

Sunday family will gather at Stewart Court to celebrate Grandma Powell’s 100th birthday. Her big day is actually Monday. Most likely I will be at home.

Word of the day: maintain.

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your Friday going?

Happy Anniversary, Dave & Anna!

Happy Anniversary to my oldest son, Dave, and his beautiful wife, my daughter-in-law, Anna, parents of my three beautiful granddaughters, on their anniversary today!

DaveAnnaWedding1 DaveAnnaWedding3DaveAnnaWedding2

To a Home!

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

It is being suggested I leave Mark’s Den and move into a nursing home!

That will be a “NO!

To leave Chooey and my own place would be a capitulation.

It would be surrender!

No, there is still a lot of life and fight in this old man. I am not ready to give in, stop crusading – yet.

Area 7 Council on Aging is now trying to obtain a waiver to allow me more home aid. State rules call for a nursing home.

Why stop the fight now?

That’s the way it is the middle of the week.

And how is your Wednesday going?

Birthday girl, Alaina, 5 today with Great-Grandpa Ivy, June 11, 2017