Did It!

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Put a check mark beside yesterday’s date and declare it a success. I navigated the swirling waters to and from my appointed rounds on Tuesday returning to the safe port of Mark’s Den with little scathing.

Yes, my dear friends, my adventurous excursion out of the safety of my home to the big city 25-30 miles to the northwest for my annual urology exam and eating out with Mom and Bill was successful.

Not that there were not a few trying moments, but the fact all, but one task was completed and I am still standing is a high point in my life’s journey.

A little bumpy being wheeled across the street from Stonebrook to the barbershop, but Bill got me to the barbershop. My hair was not trimmed, but in light of the amount of hair, I was shorn. LOL

Chevy, Chance’s son and my great-nephew, traveled and ate with us yesterday. He was an added development to Tuesday’s trek.

Bill and I dropped Mom and Chevy off at Dollar Tree then drove another couple of blocks to my doctor’s appointment. The doc declared me fit for another year.

From there we made our way to Golden Corral. With Mom traversing the food bar and fixing my plate, I was able to chow down in good fashion.

Next on the agenda was getting my flu shot at the Wal-Mart pharmacy. Alas, there were no flu shots to be had! Now I will have to travel to the Sullivan Wal-Mart for my vaccination. That means another excursion.

Rain rolled through the Cornfield last night. That did not help in recuperating from running all afternoon. Today I am trying to rest up and garner the strength to join family at Leticia’s home tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, my thoughts:

For This I Am Grateful

That’s the way it is this day before Thanksgiving.

And how is your Wednesday going?

Me and my Sons: Kev and Dave – for both I am so thankful and blessed

Adventurous Excursion


Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

What is routine and carried out matter-of-fact for most people will be rather adventurous for me today. For only the second time since my prognosis and being placed on hospice in May, I will be venturing out of Mark’s Den and out of town.

My first trip from the Den was a few months back. At that time, Mom and Bill took me to lunch in nearby Jasonville, a scant six miles away. I was able to enjoy the outing without aid of a wheelchair or walker. I did, of course, have to rely on my portable air canister. I did pay for the trip the following couple of days.

Today will be more taxing. Bill will be rolling me across the street to the barbershop for a haircut I sorely need. Following that, Bill and Mom will load me into the car for a trip to Terre Haute, some 25 – 30 miles to the northwest for my annual urology check-up.

Following the doctor’s appointment, we plan to go to Golden Corral to eat. Next stop on the way home is the Wal-Mart pharmacy for my flu shot. Finally back home to Chooey.

For today, we are talking several hours. For today, my wheelchair will be necessary. For today, instead of one air tank, I will be taking a spare tank as well.

Keep me in your prayers today that all goes well.

That’s the way it is this second day of the week.

And how is your Tuesday going?

Last year, 2016, at Leticia’s: Bill, Chad’s Dad, Me and Mom

Starter Grinds as Thanksgiving Week Kicks Off

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

The rolling fronts trampling the Cornfield are playing havoc with my physical being. Last night my system became more clogged as each minute ticked. This morning, although the sun is shining brightly in a cloudless, blue sky, the intensity of the pressure on my airways has been debilitating at times.

Tomorrow I plan to make it to my annual checkup with my urologist. After the appointment, plans are for Mom and Bill, who are providing transportation, and I to eat out at Golden Corral. Prior to leaving for my doctor’s appointment, if all goes well, Bill is rolling me across the street to get my hair cut.

Say a prayer I can make it out tomorrow.

On Thursday, at this stage, a trip to Dugger for Thanksgiving dinner at Leticia’s is the goal.

For the moment, I am trying to maintain and make it through today.

Check my latest thoughts on the political alterverse:

Retro in Vogue

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your Monday going?

During the Drought of 2014, Indiana’s famed Wabash River

Sunday Golden Text – Wings

And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest.
– Psalm 55:6


Blah-Zay Today

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Before anyone calls me out, yes, I know how to spell blase. I just thought the phonetics had more of an impact. See, I am having to stretch to find an interesting way to talk about the tedium, the boredom of my odious life, which is as is with all of us, running out of time.

Broken record time – this weather is not my friend. 

Another typical autumn day in the Cornfield. While I love fall, I also hate this time of the year. Autumnal beauty is hard to discount, but you also cannot put aside how depressing these days can be either.

Although there is an aide in and out three times each week as well as parents and spouses along with a nurse, it doesn’t repel the loneliness. Even with always ready to help friendship of neighbors, Vikki and John, does not put a dent in these long, lonely days and nights.

Such is life.

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your Thursday going?

 One week from today is Thanksgiving. Leticia is hosting this year in place of Mom. These are pictures from the last time Mom was hostess in 2014.


Typical Autumn Day

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

No surprise, it is fall after all, woke to the rain pouring down as a cold wind blew across the Cornfield. Gray and gloom with leftover fog added just the right touch to make this a typical autumn day.

Wouldn’t you know it. Along with the blase of the day has brought back the sleepies.


Woke at 6 a.m., to Chooey’s insistence. Grabbed a cup and filled with coffee. Next thing I knew it was almost 9 a.m.

How can you say, “No”, to that face? Love you, Chooey!

Such is life.

Nurse Pam made the visit yesterday to check in on me. I was doing much better. I was miles and miles from where I was over the weekend.


As the sun set and the night fell, the pressure intensified. The breathing more labored. I had relief in one part of my system. Now the respiratory system was reclaiming control.


In a few hours from now, Aide Bambi will be here to make me presentable to the world, as small as mine is.

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your midweek going?

I’ma Kickin’!

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Been what seems forever since the last time I posted. My last entry was Friday.

Then the weekend…

Oh my a horrible couple of days that was. At times I was begging to die. Constipation had overwhelmed my whole system. My breathing was no issue.

My need for food, for Roxanol, any medications was gone. All that mattered was only sleep and sleep and sleep.

Twice I had to call out a nurse. The first nurse had the right idea – suppository. But that did not finally bring the needed relief until near noon on Monday.

The second nurse has one answer to EVERYTHING that ails you – Lorazepam. First words out of her mouth when she walks in is are you taking it. When was the last one. Your problem is tension.

No, my problem is I am stopped up and feeling like death warmed over and ready to go back in the oven.

No matter what the reason, when this nurse comes out, it is always the same response. I am at the point of saying if she is the only one available after hours to send no one my way.

Today I am back to me….well as much of me as can be. Running late today because I have been playing games –  mainly Bingo.

Waiting on my regular Nurse Tabitha to show for her first of two weekly visits.

Mom had her back injections finally yesterday. She is slowly recovering today. After her car accident and injury, she should be much better shape within the next few days.

Before Monday, Mom made sure I had plenty ready to eat or pop in the microwave, knowing she would be down a few days.

Susie is stopping by after seeing the doctor herself this afternoon. I think she is bringing me a treat.

Counting down the days until Kev and Hailey make a second trip from Texas later this month around Kev’s 28th birthday celebration. We are having cake and ice cream in the community room on Wednesday, the 29th.

Lauren (Kev’s sister), Me Kev and Hailey June, 2017

That is also the birthday of my dear friend Bonnie out in the desert oasis of Laughlin, Nevada.

My Desert friend, Bonnie, ready to watch the regatta on the Colorado River last summer, 2015.

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your Tuesday going?

April, 2013 – My Sprouts (all, but Amelia)

Feeling It

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Oh boy! This Friday I am definitely feeling it.

I am beginning the second league in my race of life with a goalpost placed six months down the road. But at times this morning, I wonder if the next curve will reveal the finish line.

Yesterday the sleepies had me sewn in tightly. I could not keep awake. I woke up at 12:35 a.m. thinking I had fallen asleep all evening. Took about an hour to realize I had only drifted off for about two hours instead,

I shuffled off to bed, sleeping in until 8:35 a.m.

If I can keep me together today I will be doing good.

That’s the way it is this blustery, but beautiful, sunny end of week in the Cornfield.

And how is your Friday going?

My tribute to veterans: 

Salute! ~ To Those Who Served

Grandpa Powell, Uncle Herman, Uncle Wes

My D Day?

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Can you fathom the reality that exactly six months ago today, on May 9, my pulmonologist, Dr. Ajay Deespande, asked me if I wanted to consider hospice services.

As he explained the program, he told me not to look at it as my death sentence, but a service to help me live to the fullest without financial pressure and with 24-hour availability to medical services to provide for me on those bad days.

Along with the explanation came the prognosis which none of us are ever ready to hear.

While histoplasmosis has been eradicated from my body, the damage inflicted and the scars remained. The result as the fungal infection was defeated was chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 

Six years after being attacked by the spores growing inside bat and bird feces, my time was running out. If COPD played out on a normal route, I would be saying goodbye to Earth and hello to heaven within six months.


I am still here! Not only here, but stronger and in better shape today than I was six months ago.

Doctors can make educated guesses.

Only God knows.

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your Thursday going?

Hang 10

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Like a surfer trying to ride that big crest all the way into the beach is how I am feeling today. Albeit, staying awake is not so easy.

After waking around 6 a.m., pouring a cup of coffee and letting family know I was amongst the living, I found myself waking around 11:30 a.m.

Such is life.

As many of you are aware, my visit from a hospice nurse yesterday was not the most uplifting. As I wrote as an update:


I am functioning with virtually no pain. The breathing is much more controlled. I am, however, a tad more lethargic.

Such is life.

That’s the way it is in Mark’s Den.

And how is your Hump Day going?

Big sister Dylan with new little sister Alaina, September 21, 2012