Get Out! Meet People! Do Things!


Get out! Meet people! Do things! That is the advice I get all the time from friends online as well as from some family members.

Sounds so simple, so easy. Words and suggestions, ideas, are always to hand out to others. What is not so easy is the reality of one’s situation.

Being a poor, old man on Social Security and one paycheck per month which is gone before the sun goes down makes fulfilling those suggestions difficult to impossible. The fact I also happen to be gay at 60 and single now does not help, but becomes even more of a hinderance.

Yes, I can go out if I have the gas to drive the nearly 4 miles down to Casino Drive. Yes, I can walk around the casinos. But when you have no money in your pocket in this environment it is worse than going window shopping at the mall. There’s no way to meet anyone with no dime in your pocket in a casino. Can’t go in and have a drink of coffee in the restaurants without around $2 for a cup of joe.

In a community where the median age is 55, trying to find a friend to talk to who is not straight is very difficult. The nearest clubs are 100 miles to the north in Las Vegas. Even if I did have the money to drive up and back to Vegas, the gay community is very, very ageist. And those willing to sit and talk, have a drink, are in most cases working boys.

Doing things other than sitting here online, posting to my blog, writing political opinion articles and recapping the daily news, is impossible with no money. Granted my physical health is much better in the Desert than in the Cornfield, but lack of dough makes that a moot point.

So on this beautiful Tuesday in the Desert I remain in near solitary confinement. Now, if I were back in the Cornfield, I must admit, I would be in the same predicament.

And how is your Tuesday going?

Monday Kicks Off Middle of Month


This Monday is the kickoff for the middle of July. Hard to fathom we have already traversed the first portion of the month.

A mild for the Desert, 84 degrees greeted me this morning with a relatively low 17% humidity. As I sat on the patio, sipping coffee and gazing out over the valley below, I reveled in the serenity, the clear sky and a gentle breeze.

Over the weekend, the political bug hit me with ferocity. I churned out several pieces looking at the candidates and individuals who are asking for our vote come 2016 when we will elect a new president. It is the season I enjoy most – Political Season.

You can keep abreast of all the shenanigans and my uncensored take on the politicians by bookmarking or visiting: From The Cornfield.

No nebulizer solutions yet. While the Wal-Mart pharmacy back in the Cornfield took care of me well, was always courteous, knew me by sight and name, kept in close contact and dealt with my various doctors, the one in Bullhead City, Arizona, across the Colorado River, is another story.

This Wal-Mart pharmacy seems clueless. Is having difficulty in filling the prescription. Is wanting to charge me for medicines covered 100% by my Medicare Part B. Can’t seem to submit the prescriptions correctly to Medicare.

Last time I was able to take advantage of my nebulizer was last Tuesday. Fortunately I have my inhalers with the same medication as the two solutions needed for the nebulizer.

Talked with Live Oak Family Medicine this morning and was informed Crystal, my primary care provider, was working on the issue with Wal-Mart. Now I sit and wait frustrated.

On a different note, the Ezy Fast Pharmacy, a local store, on Casino Drive in Laughlin filled all my other medications quickly and efficiently. The staff and pharmacist are friendly and courteous. The next day I went back to pick up the meds, I was known on sight and by name.

Now this is the way customer service should be. This is the way people want to be treated by the people who supply their medical needs.

Shortly after 11 a.m. I am trying to get my head together – typical for a Monday.

And how is your Monday going?

Desert Pride – And It Shows


Woke to another beautiful morning in the Desert. The temperature was a pleasant 81 degrees, but will rise to 103 before the day ends. The humidity, however was at 25%. Most of the nation would love to have a humidity rate that low during the summer months, but for here it is high.

I can definitely feel the pressure on my chest compared to the single-digit rate which is more common. The coughing spells occur more often. The mucus build-up expands. When winded, it takes longer to recover.

But compare to life back in the Cornfield, this is nothing short of paradise. It is no wonder that so many of the denizens of the Desert are puffed with pride in the sights, the sounds, the beauty of the Desert they call home.

Never have I seen people who exude pride in where they live like they do here in the valley between the mountains. The social media groups share pictures of sunsets, landscape, the bright blue sky. Laughing and cajoling, splashing and floating along and in the Colorado River put smiles on everyone’s face.

#DesertPride is more than just a hashtag or euphemism. It is a reality of life in the Desert.

It is not all raves in this unincorporated community of around 8,000. There are the rants as well. But unlike elsewhere, the rants are subdued and seem founded in fact more than a personal quirk or some idiosyncrasy.

This Desert oasis rose from the barren nothingness along the river a scant 50 years ago. Since that time a spot-in-the-road has become a haven for snowbirds in winter. It has become a desired location for seniors to spend their golden years.

The serenity, the peaceful quiet, are not lost on those who have chosen to call this home. Forget about the traffic piled up for miles. Forget the sirens wailing every few minutes. Forget about the pushing and shoving, the discourteous actions of passers-by.

Never have I known such politeness, such concern for others that I have experienced so far. At times, I get winded and must stop or sit down. Or my coughing spells come on strong and long. Over and over some stranger will inquire if I am “OK” or if I need anything or if help should be called.

This type of concern was rare in the Cornfield. Often, when I would get a coughing spell, people would react annoyed and upset that I dared to disrupt their public space. What a difference in the Desert.

Yes, as you can probably tell, #DesertPride is contagious. I am already being affected.

As I relax this Sunday, expanding with #DesertPride, I wish you well.

And how is your Lord’s Day?

Lazy, Hazy Saturday


Woke up to a temperature in the upper 70s this morning along with a humidity percentage of 22. For the Desert, as I sat on the patio sipping my coffee without a breeze, it was a cool, pleasant start to the day.

The mercury is expected to top out at 100 degrees today. This is the end of a 3-day cool down. Sunday once more the heat returns as the sun climbs with a hot 110-degree reading. Later in the week and the following week, the thermometer could tap out at 120!

With no one to share life here in my dream house, it is going to be a lazy, hazy day. Maybe one of these days I can once again get me a “Little Buddy” like Gizmo to keep me from going completely insane. I pray every night if it be God’s will for Gizmo to find his way or someone find him and send him to me.

Through the week I cogitate, percolate, meditate, churn and yearn. Come the weekend it is time for me to gather my thoughts and put it to paper, so to speak. In other words today and tomorrow I will turn to work on my novel, Cornfield to Desert: The Odyssey & Exodus.

Surprise! Iohn came through partly yesterday keeping his promise. I am not sure if he did so intentionally, but am inclined to think it was more of an accident on his part. I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Struggling to survive when your life and future were built on promises and vows that now appear to have been words and hot air, but nothing more, is a task I wish on no one – not even any of my ex-wives or soon-to-be ex-husband. I am yet clueless of what I did so wrong that has an apparent build-up of animosity on a grand scale.

Then again, perhaps I should not be in wonder when you look at my track record. Every relationship I have ever had has resulted the same with me being left in solitary confinement while the exes move on and upward, smirking and casting snide remarks my way.

Now at 60, my prospects are either zero or nil or none. What is a man with the medical issues I have to do?

Guess I need to find a rocking chair.

So it is this lazy, hazy, but gorgeous summer Saturday in the Desert.

And how is your weekend going?

Another Day in Paradise


Yes, it is just another day in Paradise this Friday in the Desert. Talk about a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky only endless stretches of blue and a bright sun. The mercury is at 88 degrees at 10:30 this morning with a humidity rate of 20%. The temp should top out at only 96 today with a 13 mile per hour breeze, making sitting on the patio having coffee heavenly.

After days of wondering, anxiety and stressing, I have to say that Iohn came through. That means more to me than he realizes.

I continue to try and resolve myself to the reality. That song, “I Got the Boy, She Got the Man”, keeps playing over and over in my head. There is a certain pride I have in knowing that the Iohn I met over 10 years ago – brash, resentful, angry, without direction, strung out on drugs – is not the man he has become today. Today he has become a man desired by many. Yet the man he was when we met was not so desirable.

It is true, “I Got the Boy, She Got the Man”.

The weekend looms ahead. For me it will be days spent in the dream house where I rent. There will be no meeting up with friends or going out on the town. Those are things that only those with means or access to means are allowed.

Pushing the ignore button on both the cluster headaches which returned after a nearly two-week vacation and the depression that bombards me daily and nightly. Being now in solitude, the darkness is more intense, but at this moment I am managing to keep a spark of hope alive.

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You may also want to chime in on an op-ed I posted this morning: That Thorny Immigration Issue.

That’s how it is this TGIF in The Desert.

How is your end of week going?

The Modern Church


Received this from my Aunt Doris today by email, naturally.

I am not sure who the author is or how long this has circulated, but it is so true of today’s electronic, social media age in which we live.


Church Service in 2015:

PASTOR: “The Lord be with you!”
CONGREGATION: And with your spirit”
PASTOR: “Will everyone please turn on their tablet, PC, iPad, smart phone, and Kindle Bibles to 1 Corinthians, 13:13.
And please switch on your Bluetooth to download the sermon.”


“Now, Let us pray committing this week into God’s hands.
Open your Apps, BBM, Twitter and Facebook, and chat with God”


“As we take our Sunday tithes and offerings, please have your credit and debit cards ready.”

“You can log on to the church Wi-Fi using the password ‘Lord909887.’

The ushers will circulate mobile card swipe machines among the worshipers:

a. Those who prefer to make electronic fund transfers are directed to computers and laptops at the rear of the church.
b. Those who prefer to use iPads can open them.
c. Those who prefer telephone banking, take out your cell phones to transfer your contributions to the church account.

The holy atmosphere of the Church becomes truly electrified as ALL the smart phones, iPads, PCs and laptops beep and flicker!

Final Blessing and Closing Announcements.
a. This week’s ministry cell meetings will be held on the various Facebook group pages where the usual group chatting takes place. Please log in and don’t miss out.
b. Thursday’s Bible S tudy will be held live on Skype at 1900hrs GMT. Please don’t miss out.
c. You can follow your Pastor on Twitter this weekend for counselling and prayers.
God bless and have a nice day.

And Jesus wept…..

May I tweet, Amen?

A Day in Paradise?


A fellow blogger and resident of Laughlin, Scott Johnson, ponders the idea on his homepage, “Maybe this is paradise”, about this community in the Desert along the Colorado River.

If this morning is any clue as to whether this is indeed paradise, those living or visiting here would be led to believe it is.

As I sit on the patio looking out over the valley below nestled next to the river with rocky, bare mountains in the distance, the weather could not be more sublime. A cool (for here any way) 86 degrees warms the skin perfectly. The humidity is at 23%, not too high even for people like me with breathing issues. The wind is a breeze that invigorates.

Yes, maybe this is paradise.

Just to Clarify…

I mentioned earlier today about being able to file for divorce near the end of July.

Divorce after being together for over 10 years, is NOT something I want. But it is what Iohn wants

It is better with me 2,000 miles from the Cornfield here in the Desert and, since if I don’t file, Iohn will, I do it on my terms.

If I could change things, hold on to things, turn back the hands of time – I most definitely would.

There is a song out currently that seems to perfectly fit our situation: “I Got the Boy, You Got the Man”.

If you haven’t heard it or seen it, you can below:

Post Doctor Visit Update


Back from my visit to my new Primary Care Provider, Crystal, at Live Oak Family Medicine. Must say the visit went better than I expected.

Apparently the Desert climate is agreeing with me. I weighed in at 142 pounds, with a blood oxygen rate of 98%, blood pressure a little high for me at 146/90 and a heart rate of 56. After looking me over and listening to my heart and lungs, Crystal is cutting back on some of my medications!

I will be seeing her again next month to follow-up. In the meantime she is setting up appointments with a new Infectious Disease Control Specialist, a Gastroenterologist, Urologist and Pulmonologist. Later on she will be getting me a new Ophthalmologist and Cardiologist.

Got all my scripts renewed and sent to a pharmacy right here in Laughlin, EzyFast Pharmacy, which also provides free delivery. My nebulizer meds, however, will have to be filled at Wal-Mart across the river in Bullhead, Arizona.

Now comes the question of whether I will be able to pick up the medications. The answer to that lies 2,000 miles away if a promise is kept and I am not left high and dry.

So for now, it is looking up following my exodus from the Cornfield to the Desert.

First Doctor’s Visit in the Desert


After having scheduled a visit to setup a new primary care provider over three weeks ago, I have my first appointment this afternoon. It is about time, in more ways than one.

I am out of some medicines with others running out by Friday. I need new scripts since I am in a new state 2,000 miles from my previous providers and pharmacy back in the Cornfield. Hoping the doc will confirm that I am doing as well as I feel that I am since exiting the Cornfield for a more hospitable clime in the Desert.

Naturally I will update what I learn once I have my appointment at Live Oak Family Medicine.

July 27 – that is the day I meet residency requirements. From that day onward I can file for divorce from Iohn. Or I can wait and let Iohn file in Indiana, but that would be another month for him to meet residency since he moved from Sullivan County to Vigo County a week before I made my exodus to the Desert.

Not sure how the case will go. Not sure if anyone else has yet filed a same-gender divorce suit in Nevada. I know there has not been one in Indiana.

Question is: Have the laws have been updated in light of the Supreme Court decision last month?

May be making history here once again.

Big thank you to my son, Kev, and his wife, Hailey, for coming to the Old Man’s aid yesterday.

Still hot today as the mercury is expected to top out at 106 degrees. But, the hot, hot temperatures are receding for the day, Thursday down to a high of 100 and high of 99 expected on Friday. Come the weekend the mercury will once more be rising.

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Going to be a rather lazy Hump Day for me.

And how is your Wednesday going?