To All the Dads in My Life

Delve into the light and dark that is Mark

Sunday we stop to honor those men who are responsible for our existence – fathers.

Too often we fail to understand and respect the impact men have in our lives, help mold and shape us into the people we are.

Too often, more so in the past than today, men have been relegated to an inferior position in the child rearing process.

Men have been bread winners and disciplinarians, but not the ones we usually turn to for solace, comfort and support.

Yet, the fathers in our lives are the cornerstone which has formed the building we have become and are becoming. Sometimes that foundation is poured poorly and at other times it has the strength and character of the Rock of Gibraltor.

Therefore, to all the fathers in my life, “Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers still with me:

Dad – Charles Ivy

Son – David Ivy

Brother – Phillip Ivy Sr.

Nephew – Phillip Ivy Jr.

Nephew – Jeremy Ivy

Nephew – Chance Hollifield

Brother-in-Law – Chad Maxey

Step-Nephew – Steve Smith

Step-Nephew – Jose Valdez

Step-Nephew – Jason Hollifield

Like-a-Father – Bill Large

Those fathers gone to their reward:

Grandfather – Herman Ivy

Grandfather – Luther Powell

Uncle – Allen Powell

Step-Father – Jack Hollifield

Step-Brother – John Hollifield

Uncle – Doyle Harwick

Uncle – Joe Ray

Each of these men in some way have affected my life, whether good, bad or indifferent. Yet each of them holds a place in my heart.

I tip my hat to you and wish you have or find the respect, love and joy that being a father brings.

To all the other fathers out there: Be the man your children need, not necessarily the one they want.

May your day be one of love, joy and peace.