Dueling Procedures - LOL

Tuesday afternoon I was able to get in to see my pulmonologist. An x-ray revealed nothing new since the last picture of my lungs a couple of weeks ago. The doctor did, however, schedule me for a bronchoscopy for this upcoming Monday at 8:15 a.m. Almost a year to the date of my last bronchoscopy.

Left the office and stopped to tell Iohn, who was at work at Ryan's, what had transpired. As I approached the doors to the restaurant, Iohn was walking out and talking on his cell phone. He was getting the information that he was scheduled Monday morning between 7:30 and 11 for a dual tonsillectomy.

So...Iohn and I both will be on the north end of Terre Haute bright and early Monday morning for procedures. Iohn has to check in at 6 a.m. and I at 6:45. Iohn's surgery will occur at Union Hospital. He will be in recovery for four to six hours before being released home. My procedure takes place across the street at the Wabash Surgical Center. I will be in recovery for two to three hours before going home.

There is a new wrinkle this morning. I woke up with a rash of welts, itchy and irritating, all over my body and spreading. I have already called the doctor and awaiting a call back.

Iohn will be off work for as many as 10 days as he heals and recuperates. This is going to be rough on our pocketbook, but Iohn's health comes first.

Mom and Bill have graciously volunteered to pick us up and bring us home from our procedures on Monday. THANKS to both of you!

What Now?

I am at an impasse. I have run smack dab into a conundrum. I am don't know what action or inaction is best. I am not trying to wear the mantle of passive-aggressive personality. I am at a loss.

Called my pulmonologist's office yesterday to report I had lost 12 pounds in one week. I also informed the office my throat continued to be sore and swollen. The throat was swollen enough I can barely drink, let alone eat. It has been taking me hours to drink one cup of coffee. The pain in the throat is migrating up my left jaw line and causing an earache. I continue to run what is a fever for me.

Received a call back around 4 p.m. A new prescription for an antibiotic was being called in to my pharmacist. I am still waiting on the text notification that the prescription is ready. I was also told I was being referred to an ENT or an ear, throat and nose specialist. About a half hour later I was called back with the appointment with the ENT. That appointment is not for more than a month from now on May 27.

What do I do in the meantime?

What if I die before then?

What if I get worse?

My next follow-up with the pulmonologist is two weeks away on May 6.

What do I do until then?

I did manage to find a family doctor or general practioner to accept me yesterday. It is Iohn's doctor. Problem there is I have to wait until May 8 to see him.

What do I do?

Do I get my prescription, pray and hope for the best over the ensuing two weeks to a month?

What if I continue to lose weight?

I was 142 on Sunday, April 13. On Monday, April 21, I weighed in at 130.

What if my weight has dropped more today?

Then there is the fear of losing my voice completely. I have been hoarse now for over a month. I can speak barely above a whisper. I keep trying. I keep doing my Kernels From the Cornfield, but my voice quality is not raspy, but scratchy.

I can no longer sing. This has been a major blow emotionally and psychologically. Is my ability to talk at all next?

This all seems related to whatever is going on with my throat, my left tonsil, my larynx and pharynx.

What do I do?

Seriously, what now?

Week of Uncertainty

A new week has begun. The week ahead is full of uncertainty.

A call already this morning to my pulmonologist, Dr. Ajay Deshpande, and waiting for a call back.

Will I return to the hospital?

Will more or different medications be prescribed?

Iohn still waits on a call from this ear, nose and throat doctor with when he will be going in for surgery to remove both of his tonsils.

Will that call come today?

Will Iohn be scheduled for surgery while I am hospitalized?

Will Iohn lose one or two weeks of work recovering from the procedure?

Will we manage to survive until the start of May a week from Thursday?

So many questions without answers this Monday morning.

April showers will roll in tonight through Tuesday. Temperatures will be mild to nice during the day, but drop into the upper 30s on Tuesday and again next Saturday. Spring may have truly arrived at last a month after its debut in March.

But I Don't Have to Like It

I may have to realign my internal ignore button. I may have to adapt and adjust. I may have to deal with it. I may have to get use to it. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

What am I talking about?

For a over a month I have had a sore throat. That soreness continues to worsen. The throat seems swollen as do the tonsils and lymph glands. There are no white spots or bumps.

The most likely culprit for the irritation, the outright pain is the amount of inhalers, the misting from the nebulizer four times each day resulting in my throat being rubbed raw. Then there are the coughs and spitting up of the mucus.

Also troubling is the hoarseness I have dealt with the past month. My voice is getting weaker. I cannot yell. I cannot sing. I can barely talk. I beginning to be fearful that I may eventually not have the ability to speak above a whisper if I am able to speak at all.

I may have to revamp my ignore to deal. But I don't have to like it!

Did you see my tribute to Easter?

Celebration of the Easter Weekend

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Forecast: Beautiful, Sunny, Warm Easter Weekend

Other than the damper of rain this Good Friday night, the Easter weekend promises to be all we could hope for across the Cornfield. The mercury will rise to near 70 today, above 70 Saturday and nearing 80 on Sunday. Nothing but sunshine ahead after tonight's April showers.

As the Christian world remembers the death of their Savior and the dawn of a new life and age with His resurrection with promise of peace, hope and love, the world is caught in turmoil around the globe. There is death and tragedy on the high seas. The threat of war looms ever more sinister and probable in the Ukraine. The anguish and inability to find closure for the families, loved ones and friends of those passengers and crew lost on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 cannot find solace.

Yet, even as spring brings forth the hope of a new dawn as the death of winter is replaced by the birth and renewal of nature around us, so may hope spring eternal and may those in fear, in sorrow find comfort.

No word yet on when Iohn will have surgery. Until that day, Iohn is chugging on and working as hard as ever at Ryan's in Terre Haute. The down time is not going to be easy and the loss of income will put a real strain on us, but it is something that must be done.

My throat continues to be inflamed and sore with little relief. I am certain that this irritation is in reaction to all the inhalers and nebulizer treatments I have to undergo to remain somewhat functional. Such is life.

I set up two YouTube channels on Thursday for Kernels From the Cornfield, my daily news take, and my opinion web site, From the Cornfield. Of course you can still view and read my thoughts at my web site.

The url for the Kernels YouTube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt1qNItbuB4_e2-m62RbmtA.

The url for the From the Cornfield  channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCswPTL-B6t6cNlbrw8WSbGw.

Speaking of Kernels, did you catch the latest episode Thursday?

You can do so here: http://kernels.fromthecornfield.com/blog1.php/kernels-thursday-april-17-2014.