Facing the Unknown

Today Iohn is facing the unknown. The apprehension is building along with the stress and tension he is feeling. Today he has another appointment with his ear, nose and throat specialist at 2 p.m. Today Iohn will learn if he must have surgery to remove the lump in the right side of his throat.

I will be traveling to the north side of Terre Haute with Iohn to learn the outcome. I have had to shuffle my medication and treatment times around to accomodate.

Cold is still the norm overnight and into the early morning hours. The mercury had dropped below freezing when I rose this morning. A warm-up is expected to begin today and continue through the weekend. But rain will fall again Sunday night and Monday.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Here is the memoriam I wrote and video taped to honoe those lives lost: Shattered Tranquility - We Remember Boston.

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Yea! Snow Pushed North and East!

With apprehension we waited for the snow to move into the Cornfield overnight. Thank God, that did not happen. The snow stayed north and pushed eastward. Indianapolis, however, was no so lucky getting a measurable 0.3 inches.

The snow passing by did not keep the mercury from dropping drastically. Over the weekend, the temperature had rsien to near 80. This morning when I rose, the thermometer was reading 31. It is now only 34. Much cooler temps will continue until Sunday during the night time hours.

Iohn returns to work tonight. Wednesday he is off, but is scheduled to see the ear, nose and throat specialist around 2 p.m. During that visit Iohn will learn whether he will need surgery for a lump in the right side of his throat. We are praying and hoping for the best.

I continue to mend and improve. I was able to get a different antibiotic to take for seven days. The original antibiotic prescribed is not covered by my Part D Medicare prescription provider, Humana. I am still waiting on a new script for the albuterol inhaler I must use four times each day with two puffs each use. Humana also dropped coverage of the brand I have used for the past two years.

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Snow? Really?

Do what?

After temperatures nearing 80 over the past few days, snow is headed toward the Cornfield! I thought winter was over. I thought spring had finally sprung.

So it isn't so.

After being released from the hospital Saturday night, it felt so good to be home again. Sunday shortly before noon up until about 3 p.m., however, it didn't feel good at all. I thought maybe I had made a mistake pressing the doctor to let me come home.

My body temperature was reading 100.7 to 101.6 for most of the day. Last night I soaked the bed, the covers, my pillows, my hair and clothes in sweat.

This morning my temp is just under 100.

Went to pick up my new medications and changes in prescriptions at the pharmacy Sunday. Turns out the antibiotic was not covered by my Part D prescription provider Humana. I am now waiting for a new script to be called in. The albuterol inhaler I had been prescribed and used over the last two years is also no longer covered. There is a substitute.

I did pick up Xeralto, a blood thinner, which I will be on now for the rest of my life. The pill is necessary after a small blot clot was discovered while I was in the hospital in my left leg. The cause goes to my long-term use of Prednisone.

I also was able to get my updated prescription of Prednisone. Following taking the double dose, the Xeralto, the increased nebulizer treatments, I felt better than I have felt in months and months. This morning I continue to feel a thousand times better.

This evening I planned to return to producing my nightly Kernels From the Cornfield, my take on news and current events. I had thought I would be able to continue while I was in the hospital last week, but due to problems with the WiFi service I was unable to broadcast from my hospital bed.

Home Again - Right Where I Belong

Wednesday, April 9, marked an anniversary of sorts for me. It was two years ago that day I was released from Regional Hospital in Terre Haute following my lung surgery and a 14-day hospital stay.

On Tuesday, April 8, this week I was back in the office of Doctor Ajay Deshpande for the third Tuesday in a row. I have been steadily going downhill for the last month. Tuesday's visit resulted in what I had feared would be the eventual outcome.

I was readmitted into Regional.

Finally after another five days, I was released around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, April 12.

I had a fever equivalent of 100 to 103 for most of the last month. My breathing had become more difficult. Not only shortness of breath had become the norm, but at times I struggled to breathe at all. Coughing had increased. The mucus build-up had become choking. The pressure on the airways had intensified.

The doctor had tried out-patient antibiotic treatment, increasing my Prednisone intake and other medications. Nothing was working. The solution was going back into the hospital for much stronger intravenous antibiotic and a corticosteroid along with increased respiratory nebulization, increased inhalation and stronger oral antibiotic.

The positive result was noticeable the very next day. At the same time the blood cultures drawn on Tuesday evening revealed there was a possible other issue hiding under the surface.

This time the concern was not in my lungs are airways. The CT-Scan revealed what the doctor knew, it was my left, functioning lung having bronchospasms.

This time following a doppler test on Thursday, it was revealed a small blood clot hiding in my left leg.

Up until now, my conditions have remained stabilized and not life-threatening. Even though it was touch and go two years ago with my lungs.

What my varied conditions in addition to the respiratory problems did were to destroy my quality of life. The lung surgery and subsequent treatment have kept the respiratory issues in that vein, detrimental to life quality.

The blood clot, however, is life-threatening. Fortunately it was discovered in time. The new problem can be treated by a daily regimen of taking a blood thinner.

While I had dreaded the thought of going back into the hospital, the journey proved to be life-saving. A hidden, silent killer was found and arrested.

We often complain when adversity faces us to find that the situation may reveal mysteries not yet known. In my case going into the hospital for treatment of bronchospasms, aggravated chronic bronchitis and flare up of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) led to the discovery of a yet to show signs or symptoms what could have been fatal.

Now this Sunday, April 13, I am home again - right where I belong.

My medications have increased. My treatments have been upped. I have to be more cognizant of more than just my  lungs, my Horton's Syndrome, my chronic depression and the presumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome (POHS) robbing my sight.

Now I have to make sure I take my daily pill and watch for signs of swelling, redness and soreness in my legs - especially my left leg.

Such is life.

As always I will adapt, adjust, persevere and keep moving onward and upward.

Another Week, Another Doctor's Visit

One week, seven days have passed since I last visited my doctor. Now, I am returning for another follow-up visit. There has been little to no change in the condition that led to my first visit two weeks ago. Yesterday, my temperature reading was an equivalent 102+ for most of the day and night.

Fortunately last night I did not have another coughing spell which lead to an almost complete inability to breathe as I had on Sunday night. I still chilled, coughed and discharged cup after cup of mucus.

The pressure on my chest, the pain, the squeezing of the airways, none are relenting. I told Iohn last spring and summer I did not nor could not go through another couple of seasons of distress as I did back then. Winter is gone and spring has arrived. The same problems I experienced the year before are rushing back.

While the winter brought its own set of problem keeping me locked inside Mark's Den for days, weeks at a time, the spring and summer hit me hard inside the Den. The struggle to breathe is a fight that is nearly unwinnable. There is no life when being assaulted this way.

The only solution is escaping the Cornfield for the Desert. But that remains a fantasy, out of reach.

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Lord, don't let my ignore fail me now.